Being there for you, when you need care the most.

Our sitters are ready to be there for you whenever and wherever you need them. This service is for clients who need basic supervision and care.

The woman is assisting the elderThis service offers:

  • Reminder (medication, dates, routine)
  • Maintain the client’s comfort level
  • Provide companionship and conversation
  • Monitor client activity
  • Supervise client through the night
  • Entertain (bingo, crafts, reading, TV Shows, etc)
  • The client will not be left unattended and will be accompanied at all times
  • Seeking assistance from the hospital / facility’s nurse when the client is in need
  • Ensuring that family members know that their loved one is safe when they are unable to be there.

For any question concerning this service, please be sure to contact us.

caregiver and elderly woman smiling